The stage has been set - the backdrop of the canvas depicts a sumptious interior in whih a woman looks out. There is a heightened sense of colour emanating from the canvas. The woman languishes there; her form is elongated; with her heavily hooded eyes she stares out with a somewhat elusive almost mysterious gaze. She is unaware of the viewer, encapsulated in her own independent world.

This is the platform for Marek Wilinski's paintings.

Marek conveys the essence of the women in his paintings through his mastery of expressive contour; graceful curves of women's shoulders and their necks are beautifully depicted in each of the paintings. He allows the lines and colour to take over, showcasing his skill as a colourist.

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Marek also has a range of original paintings for sale through various exhibitions throughout the year. The originals page shows a sample of some of the paintings available for sale from his Melbourne studio.

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